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Healthy Holiday Travel
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A Few Tips & Some Advice For Staying Healthy On Your Holiday

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I am always happy to receive helpful tips from others on – 🍉 Healthy Holiday Travel Tips. Taking a few extra simple steps along the way, can certainly make a huge difference in keeping you and your family happy and healthy when traveling.

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to have traveled to a number of foreign countries for our vacations. Thankfully, we have all stayed healthy, by taking a few extra precautions when we were away.

My guest author has a few excellent tips listed below, that can make a really big difference! 😎

Tips For Healthy Holiday Travel

Healthy Holiday Travel

The last thing you want on your holiday is to become ill or injured. Trust me I would know, I spent 2 of my 3 days in Athens bed-ridden, with the worst case of stomach upsets. 🤢

What was the cause? ❓ Who knows!

I could have picked something up on the long ✈ flight over, something I ate or drank, there could be a hundred reasons to blame for becoming ill.

It’s only natural that we all talk about the great things about our holiday, but sickness is rarely discussed.

Staying Healthy During Holiday Travel

Travel Health and Fitness

Traveling is wonderful and the experience visiting other countries around the world is truly amazing. In fact, science has proven that there are many health benefits associated with travel.

Check out Robert’s recent post here on the ⚕ Health Benefits of Traveling.

Some Great Reasons to Get Out There And – See The World! 🌎

Air Travel Tips – Stay Healthy In The Air

Healthy Holiday Travel Tips Advice #1

Air Travel Health

So, you read about my nightmare experience in Athens above. Please, take my word of advice and drink plenty of fluids during those 🛫 long haul flights.

I don’t mean fluids as in 🍹  alcohol, drink lots of water!

As well, be sure to get up out of your 💺 seat every now and again, to exercise your muscles and get the blood flowing.

This will help to avoid – deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which can become very serious!

It’s best to see your doctor before your trip to discuss anything you may be worried about. For example; motion sickness, pre-existing medical conditions, vaccinations, prescriptions and so on.

You want to leave home prepared and worry free!

Weather Conditions

Healthy Holiday Travel Tips Advice #2

Weather Conditions

Regardless of whether you are going to a warmer or cooler climate, your body will need time to adjust to the sudden change in environment.

Should you be heading to a location where it’s 🌨 winter time, you could be at risk of catching influenza (the flu) in that region.

It may be advisable to visit your doctor to for a flu 💉 vaccination before leaving, as well as any other shots that may be needed. 

Robert has another post here on 💉  Vaccinations Before Traveling Abroad , that’s definitely worth a look at.

Adjust Your Daily Schedule Before Traveling

Healthy Holiday Travel Tips Advice #3

daily schedule

If you are used to a standard desk job where you sit most of the day and you plan to be doing a lot more 🥾 physical activity on your holiday, it’s wise to build up your fitness before you depart.

Whether that means going to the gym or exercising at home, it will make for much less of a shock to your system once your holiday begins.

Start even by going for 🚶 daily walks and increasing the distance you go each day.  Increasing your level of fitness is especially helpful, if you are heading on an adventure type vacation and where it may be hot and humid.

Pack Your Travel Necessities

Healthy Holiday Travel Tips Advice #4

Cruise Vacation

In certain countries, you won’t be able to find the products that are readily available to you at home.  For any necessities that you just can’t live without, be sure to add them to your packing list before departure.

Pack Important Prescription Medications

Healthy Holiday Travel Tips Advice #5

Prescription Medication Bottle

If you do require regular ⚕ medications, you need to prepare yourself before leaving. Here’s a handy checklist of things to consider;

✔ Do I have enough medication to last me through the trip? ❓

✔ Is my medication allowed in the country I am going to? ❓ Keep in mind, your medicine may be classed as being illegal in the area you may be visiting.

✔ Do I have a letter from the doctor setting out what the medication is, how much I will require and stating that it is for – my personal use only. ❓

Helpful Tips Banner

Handy tip:

Even though its packaging may be bulky, do not take your prescription medication out of its original container!

The label (with your name and dosage instructions) is essential, in providing authorities with information they may deem necessary.

Food & Water At Your Destination

Healthy Holiday Travel Tips Advice #6

Eat Safe on Holidays

Before heading off on your dream trip, check whether the quality of food and water, at your destination is. Eating or drinking anything dodgy could see you struck down with infections such as;

✔ Gastroenteritis;

✔ Typhoid;

✔ Cholera;

✔ Hepatitis A and B.

Handy tip:

Never drink 🚱 tap water when traveling abroad. Use bottled water to drink and brush your teeth with. Be wary of the ice going into your drinks as well.

Just the slightest introduction to foreign bacteria in your system can be very disruptive!

Avoid any uncooked food and any fruit that you can’t peel, as well.

Getting Sick While Traveling Overseas

Healthy Holiday Travel Tips Advice #7

Australia Flag

Should things not go according to plan and you do become ill, it’s not the end of the world. Firstly, be aware that private or government funded health insurance you have coverage with, will not cover you for overseas travel.

Note: For Australia Residents Only

The Australian government has a reciprocal health care agreement with the following countries:

➡   New Zealand ➡   UK
➡   Republic of Ireland ➡   Sweden
➡   Netherlands ➡   Finland
➡   Italy ➡   Belgium ➡   Malta ➡   Slovenia
➡   Norway

If you’re in any of these countries and require care, you will be able to access basic medical treatments just as you would here in Australia. Essential treatments will either be covered, or you will receive a portion of out-of-pocket expenses back as a rebate.

Should you need ⚕ medical treatment in any other country, you will need to find alternative ways to cover your health care expenses. A number of private health insurance funds allow their customers to suspend their insurance while they are traveling.

With this in mind, certain funds have a minimum amount of time that you need to have been with the fund for before you are eligible to take advantage of this. This varies from one day to one year.

Travel Insurance Banner

Knowing that travel is definitely ahead of you, it benefits you to opt into one of these health insurance provider. Because while you are away, you won’t have to pay what you usually would for your policy. Once you return from holiday, your coverage will resume as per normal.

You will also find that certain private health insurance providers offer discount travel insurance rates to their members.

Final Thoughts Banner

Planning ahead for whatever life may throw at you while you holiday, allows you to focus on the important things. If you live outside of Australia, you will need to investigate the policies that govern your country.

Guest Author at Gr8 Travel Tips

Contributing Author Sarah:
Sarah works as Communications Manager for, one of Australia’s leading insurance and home loan comparison services.

I am happy to present this collaborative post on Healthy Holiday Travel Tips & Advice, in the hopes of offering some helpful travel inspiration and important information on to you.

I’ve always said for many years now …

“If You Can Afford To Travel – You Can Afford Travel Insurance!”


Below, I’ve also included the link to the 🍁 Government of Canada Official website page on Travel Health and Safety.

I great resource offering loads of information for safe travel and not just for Canadians, but for all travelers.

Government of Canada logo

☞   Government of Canada – Traveling

Update Banner

COVID-19 TRAVEL update

As travel has finally opened up once again, we should all still practice recommended safety precautions to avoid becoming ill.

As a quick reminder and especially if you traveling by ✈ air, 🚉 rail, 🛳 cruise ship or by 🚍 public bus;

☞   Wash your hands frequently and especially before eating;

☞   Carry hand sanitizer and use frequently;

☞   Avoid touching any surfaces used by others;

☞   Where a face mask indoors within public places and congestion;

☞   Practice social distancing regularly;

☞   Avoid large gatherings.

Above all, be safe and stay safe always. Let’s all work together and be rid of this horrible virus circulating the globe.

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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