12 Best Hot Springs in Utah & Resorts to Visit

Utah is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the United States. It may be known for its varied landscape, interesting landmarks, and many other physical features that make it the best tourist destination.

If you want the best destination to connect with nature and marvel at physical features, Utah is the place to be. The State is also famous for prehistoric fossils and Zion National Park.

However, we will be focusing on the best hot springs in Utah. Most tourists who visit here enjoy bathing in the hot waters of these attractive hot springs, with one of them offering scuba diving.

Let’s dive in to unveil the list of 12 Utah hot springs. We will also show you their location and where to stay or find accommodation when you visit. Stay tuned!

1. Crystal Hot Springs

Address: 8215 UT-38, Honeyville, UT 84314, United States

Crystal Hot Springs is one of the hot springs in northern Utah. It is located just about 68 miles from Salt Lake City. Crystal is also one of the natural hot springs in Utah that has a rich history behind it.

Crystal Hot Springs holds the world record of having the highest mineral content. It is also one of the oldest hot springs, formed thousands of years ago.

This spring provided the best spot for some of the earliest generations of local Native American tribes before the Asian railroad workers arrived in the area.

Crystal Hot Springs became a beehive of activities around 1901. Soldiers would board a bus to the site to recuperate in the mineral-rich hot waters of this spring.

Currently, Crystal Springs is the most kid-friendly spring in Utah. It features a waterslide and opens all year round. Besides, if you are tired of bathing in hot water, the cold spring with cold water is just 50 feet away. This may be your favorite alternative if you visit in the summer.

Crystal Hot Springs features three mineral hot tubs and an Olympic-size pool. The water temperatures vary from about 65 to 134 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the month of the year you visit.

Spring is a favorite tourist destination in winter. Apart from the hot water, you can also have epic views of snow-topped mountain views.

How To Get to Crystal Hot Springs

The only mode of transport is by road. You can use your car or consider a rental car service by RentalCars.com or kayak. Also, you may need travel insurance to cover your trip. Buy your policy at World Nomads or InsureMyTrip.

Where to Stay Near Crystal Hot Springs

You can’t camp at the site. But there is a Crystal Springs Camp Ground just a few miles away.

Alternatively, you can search for the best hotels that offer accommodation services at Booking.com, VRBO, and hotels.com. Some visitors also drive back to Salt Water Lake to find accommodation services.

Your trip will be unforgettable if you find a place to stay. That is necessary to explore all the 12 hot springs in Utah.

2. Mystic Hot Springs

Address: Monroe, UT 84754, USA

Mystic Hot Springs is located in Monroe, Utah. Many people refer to it as the Utah hot springs bathtubs because of its vintage bathtubs.

There is not much to explore in the immediate surrounding. But the satisfaction when you get to the hot spring is worth the drive. Visiting this hot spring is among the best thing and the best places to visit in Utah.

Mystic Springs is a man-made hot spring in southern Utah. It consists of many hot springs and has many other activities you can engage in once there. Hiking and biking are common on-site.

It hosts one of the hot springs resorts in Utah. The resort was initially the Monroe Hot Springs. Its ownership changed in 1995 when the property was purchased by Director Mike Ginsburg. Also, the history has it that the Indian tribes of Ute, Piute, and Shoshone camped near the Mystic Hot Springs.

How to Get to Mystic Hot Springs

You can get to the site by car or tour bus. Once on the site, you will pay an entry fee to explore and take a bath in the hot waters of the vintage bathtubs.

Where to Stay in Mystic Hot Springs

You can rent an RV or a pioneer cabin on-site to spend a night if you are staying there for more than a day. You can also erect a tent at the campsite to have the most memorable moments at these hot water pools along the red rock mountain. There are many bathtubs and large pools for everyone here!

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3. Homestead Resort (Crater Hot Spring)

Homestead Resort Building
image by Booking.com

Address: 700 North Homestead Dr, Midway, UT 84049, United States

This is another hot springs resort in Utah. Homestead Resort is located at the foot of the infamous Wasatch Valley. It has pioneer cabins, fishponds, dance floors, and mobile dwellings that keep visitors uplifted and active throughout their trip.

Homestead Crater Hot Springs has a swimming pool, golf course, and deluxe rooms for accommodations. The resort attracts travelers from all over the country and abroad for its Crater Hot Spring, which is on the resort’s property.

The Crater Hot Spring is hidden by 55-foot-tall limestone rock. Its water is not as hot as the previous two hot springs in Utah but is still hot enough. The temperature ranges from 90 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit.

The large pool in the Crater Hot Spring is a perfect spot for swimming and snorkeling. It is the only hot spring in the United States where you can scuba dive. That is why it is a warm scuba diving destination.

How to Get to Homestead Crater Hot Springs

You can get to Homestead Crater by taking a guided tour or driving yourself to the site. If you choose the former, book your tour and buy a ticket from GetYourGuide or Viator. You are guaranteed the best service and experience when exploring the hot waters of Homestead crater springs.

Where to Stay in Crater Hot Spring

Unlike natural hot springs in Utah, Crater Hot Springs comes as a complete package with accommodation on-site. The surrounding Homestead Resort has suites and condos.

The resort has luxurious rooms that will make your stay more comfortable. The only thing you may need to buy is a policy for your trip with InsureMyTrip or World Nomads to enjoy all activities on-site worry-free.

4. Saratoga Hot Springs

Address: 6800 N Saratoga Rd, Saratoga Springs, UT 84045, United States

Saratoga Hot Springs, also known as Inlet Park Hot Springs, is the perfect vacation spot for travelers who like exploring. You enjoy not only the hot water but also spectacular mountain views and Utah Lake. It is located on the northwest shore of the Lake. The Wasatch Mountains are also nearby.  

Saratoga Hot Springs is known for the mud and fauna surrounding the hot pool filled with mineral water. The water temperature inside sometimes gets a scorching level. You can’t dare swim in the scalding hot water. However, if the water is not very hot, many people can swim in the pool.

Due to the accessibility from Park City, Saratoga Hot Springs can sometimes be crowded. The best time to visit if you don’t want to get many people is weekdays during the school year.  

How to Get to Saratoga Hot Springs

Saratoga is about a one-hour drive from Park City and Salt Lake City. You should have a smooth ride to the site if the weather is not causing any problems.

Where to Stay in Saratoga Hot Springs

The site closes at 10 pm, meaning accommodation is not offered on-site. Fortunately, it is close to two major cities in Utah. You can look for hotels and resorts in Park or Salt Lake from Booking.com or VRBO.

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5. Meadow Hot Springs

Address: W 5800 S St, Fillmore, UT 84631, United States

Meadow Hot Springs is one of Utah’s hot springs open to the public for free though it is not on private property like Crater Hot Springs. The spring is just about a 30-minutes-drive from Cedar City, west of Fillmore in Millard County.

The spectacular feature of Meadow Hot Springs is the three pools of clear water. The first and the deepest pool has the hottest water. The temperature can get up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The other two water pools are just warm enough for a comfortable bath.

Like Saratoga Springs, this place also gets crowded on fall weekends. That is because of its proximity to Cedar City and accessibility by road. If you want to beat the crowd, you can plan your trip on weekdays when many people are at work and minors are in school.

How to Get to Meadow Hot Springs

The mode of transport is a road. If you are coming from Cedar city, take the I-15N until the next exit at 158. Turn right at the stop sign and drive to the town of Meadow, from where you can ask the locals for further directions.

You can visit individually, as a group, or as a family. If you travel as a group, you can consider GetYourGuide for a better experience.

Where to Stay in Meadow Hot Springs

Since it is on private land, there is no camping or accommodation on-site. Fortunately, there are hotels in Cedar city to accommodate guests from other states. Find your best room at hotels.com that suits your budget.

6. Fifth Water Hot Springs

Address: Diamond Fork Rd, Springville, UT 84663, United States

Fifth water hot springs, also known as Diamond Fork Hot Springs, are one of the hot springs in Northern Utah.

It consists of several pools of varying temperatures located along the Diamond Fork Canyon and hidden between snow-capped mountains. The hot spring is only a few yards from Diamond Fork River,

The only way to get to the Fifth spring is by a 2.5-mile-long hike along a snow-draped trail. The trail can also get blocked by ice and is easily accessible from March to October. The walking trail may not be passable in the winter months.

Due to that inaccessibility, Fifth Water never gets crowded. That, however, doesn’t mean it is short of serene scenes to warm your heart.

 If you are looking for natural hot springs near Moab, Diamond Fork Hot Springs should be an option. Despite the long and tiring trail to the actual site, the location is about a 3-hours-drive from Salt Lake City. Compared with other hot springs in Northern Utah, the Fifth Water is too far from civilization.

How to Get to The Fifth Water Hot Springs

You get to the site of many natural hot springs by road. You can drive from the city and complete the last 2.5 miles on foot. Your seemingly long journey will be rewarded with serene views of the waterfall, mountains, valley, and a hot bath in one of the best Utah hot springs.

Where to Stay in The Fifth Water Hot Springs

Accommodation is a challenge here. If you plan your trip, be prepared to travel to and from the site every day. You can gate accommodated in Salt Lake City, but that is about a 3-hours-drive away. Check the best hotels or resorts in the city at Booking.com, which offers budget rooms to host you.  

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7. Ogden Hot Springs

Address: 5690 Harrison Blvd A, Ogden, UT 84403, United States

Ogden is not a natural wonder but a marvelous human-engineered feature in Utah. It is located in the Ogden Canyon. The hot water pools were constructed, but they have aged with time, and weathering has taken a toll on them.

However, water still comes out of PVC pipes to feed the pools. Ogden Hot Springs features two hot spring pools. The water temperature is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The Ogden Canyon River is also another feature to marvel at when you have a chance to visit the springs.

The two large pools are tempting, but accessibility is an issue. It is on private property with construction work going on. Technically, the site is closed for visitors. You can check the progress and plan your trip once it is open to the public again.

How to Get to Ogden Hot Springs

Ogden is a short drive from Ogden town. Most trips to the site are planned during late summer when the river is at safe levels. For now, we won’t encourage you to go since it is even closed.

Where to Stay in Ogden Hot Springs

The Ogden town offers pocket-friendly accommodation services to visitors. You can find some guest rooms to spend a night in if you happen to be there.

8. Baker Hot Springs (Abraham Hot Springs)

Address: Washington 98237, United States

Baker Hot Springs is located near the Great Salt Lake in Delta and has a reputation for its scalding hot water. Don’t just jump into it straightway before testing. Its hot water usually has a temperature of at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Baker Springs is one of the best man-made hot springs in Utah. The springs feed three large pools constructed of concrete. 

The modifications make an otherwise underdeveloped hot spring worth your time. They are big enough to allow multiple visitors to enjoy bathing in the warm water.

Baker is also surrounded by other hot springs near Fumarole Butte, though most are not usable. Also, its remote location makes it less crowded than other hot springs in Utah. Visiting it gives you the chance to see rich flora and fauna near the three pools.

How to Get to Baker Hot Springs

Despite its remote location, the site has a road leading to it. You can drive your RV or car to the spot without any problems. Some visitors traveling in a group also use organized tours, which you can also consider.

Where to Stay in Baker Hot Springs

The site has ample space to accommodate many RVs and tents. This hot spring offers ample space for on-site camping because it is surrounded by public land.   

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9. Gandy Warm Springs

Address: Garrison, UT 84728, United States

Gandy Warm Springs is an oasis located on the border of Utah and Nevada. It lies in the shadow of Spring Mountain, which is also a home of treasures.

Accessing the main chamber is a bit challenging. You have to duck your head almost underwater. Otherwise, you bump your head on the roof of the cave.

Also, you have to be very careful when exploring here. Ensure you have the right gear and don’t adventure alone. It is not the best hot spring to go to if you have children.

This spring is unique in a way because of its crystal-clear freshwater. These emerge from natural holes in the ground and merge into a stream that opens into large bathing pools fed by waterfalls.

Gandy Warm Springs offers plenty of fun to the visitors. Apart from the soothing warm waters, you can camp near the spring. You can also drive to the nearby Great Basin National Park to view wildlife.  

How to Get to Gandy Warm Spring

You can drive in from Salt Lake City if you come from the Utah side. It is about a 4-hour-drive to the site. But if you are coming from the Nevada side, Las Vegas is the best route. It will take you about an hour more. Either way, target the US Route 50 before joining Gandy Road.

Where to Stay in Gandy Warm Spring

Camping is allowed near the spring. It is an option for those who want to connect with nature. But if you need decent accommodation, you can find hotels in the town of Delta or Salt Lake. Booking.com can help you find the best hotel on a budget.

10. Red Hill Hot Springs

Address: Monroe, UT 84754, United States

Red Hill Hot Springs is one of the underrated Utah hot springs. It is located near the town of Monroe, just a short drive from the ever-crowded Mystic Hot Springs.

Red Hill Hot Springs is surrounded by stunning red rocks that have been beautifully shaped by the mineral waters and occasional geothermal actions in the area.

This Utah hot spring features three tin, medium-sized pools and one large one. Since it is never overcrowded, you can enjoy the best moments in the warm waters at any time.

How to Get to Red Hill Springs

There is a clear road leading to the site. You will not need to hike to get there, as you can drive your car straight to the hot springs. If you are looking for accessible Utah hot springs, add Red Hill Springs to your itinerary.

Where to Stay in Red Hill Springs

The town of Monroe has hotels that can offer accommodation services to a few visitors that come to this hot spring in Utah. You can search for other places to stay near this spring from hotels.com.

11. Pah Tempe Hot Springs

Address: 825 N 800 E, Hurricane, UT 84737, United States

Pah Tempe is one of the tourist attraction sites in Hurricane City, Utah. Its strategic location inside the Zion Canyon makes it stunning.

The springs within the tunnels became accessible after the 1992 earthquake. Visitors could then enjoy a bath in the hot waters before the spring was closed again.

The closure was due to an unsolved clash between the owner and the government. It is currently under the management of the Washington County Water Conservation District.

How to Get to Pah Tempe Hot Springs

The site is accessible by road from Hurricane City. However, visitors are not allowed now since it is still closed.

Where to Stay Near Pah Tempe Hot Springs

You can find accommodation in the Hurricane City from Booking.com. Search for your favorite hotel or resort within your budget on the site.

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12. Horseshoe Warm Springs

Address: Utah 84029, United States

Horseshoe Warm Springs is one of the many geothermal pools in Skull Valley, Utah’s West Desert. Unlike some Utah hot springs, Horseshoe Warm Springs is warm. Its water temperature reaches just 70 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for a warm bath.

Horseshoe Warm Springs consists of a large swimming area that can be referred to as a pond or a lake. It is the best place to visit for hikers. This warm spring also offers beautiful views of the desert valley and mountains.

Additionally, Horseshoe Warm Springs offers fishing opportunities and camping sites. However, catching fish in this warm water is challenging.

How to Get to Horseshoe Warm Springs

This warm spring is located in a remote area far from the city. You can go there by road, but you should pack all your essentials. Getting fuel, groceries, or other amenities is easy.

Where to Stay in Horseshoe Warm Springs

If you plan to stay on-site for more than a day, you should backpack your camping gear. It is the best option for accommodation.

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