14 Best Travel Sunglasses for Beaches & Vacations

Sunglasses are one of those traveling essentials you should have with you. It is critical to safeguard your eyes with UV protection when touring the world as a traveler – the easiest and most stylish solution? Wearing sunglasses.

It’s never too early to look forward to summer vacations. All that’s required this year is a little outdoor fun and leisure beneath the beautiful blue sky. Ensure you have the right shades to rock the ultimate summer chic or the correct safety eyewear for your summer trip activities while planning and preparing your checklist!

Before you start spending, there are a few aspects you should look for in your sunglasses. Making the perfect choice for a nice pair of travel sunglasses is not always simple.

There are so many different designs and options to choose from!

One essential thing to keep in mind is that you do not need to spend much money to buy the best sunglasses – although an expensive pair will incentivize you not to lose or break them!

If you’re on a tight budget, you can still purchase a great pair of sunglasses. We’ll show you the top budget travel sunglasses and look for the various styles and features of great travel sunglasses to determine which ones are ideal for you.

Best Travel Sunglasses

1. Best Overall: Ray-Ban Aviator Classic

Best Overall: Ray-Ban Aviator Classic
Best Overall: Ray-Ban Aviator Classic

There’s a reason they’re famous. Favored by everyone from fighter and airline pilots to the stars of stage and screen, Ray-Bans’ traditional aviators are available in several lenses and design colors, ranging from black frames with green lenses to silver framing with silver-gray polarized lenses.

You may also pick the proper framing size for your face, add prescription lenses, and polarize them. They block 80% of the total light waves and most blue light and are originally developed for military usage.

That’s also why they’re bendable; so that one pair can fit many different heads!

Perhaps the best thing about these cool, classic look shades is that you can consistently find them on sale.


  • A wide range of lens and color choices
  • Lightweight
  • Includes a cleaning cloth
  • Classic unisex sunglasses for everyday wear
  • Bendable
  • You can find them on sale all the time


  • Over bending can mean breaking
  • Not the comfiest after wearing a while
  • Can be expensive

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2. Best Budget: Sungait Vintage Round Sunglasses

Sungait Vintage Round Sunglasses
Sungait Vintage Round Sunglasses

These retro-looking Sungait eyeglasses are hard to match when it comes to price and style. They also look great on men and women.

They’re compact and made to last, with a money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty against breaking, thanks to tough composite UV-400 lenses.

While these shades are made of plastic, they are well-supported by a sturdy but flexible TR90 framework and marketed as unbreakable. They also include a little screwdriver for adjusting the hinges.

Honestly, the only reason these aren’t the best overall shades on this list, is because the brand hasn’t been around as long as Ray-Ban. They’re the perfect pair of sunglasses for your next adventure.


  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Cheap
  • Versatile
  • Well made


  • It isn’t rubberized (I’m being really picky here)

3. Best for Skiing: Oakley Holbrook Square Sunglasses

Oakley Holbrook Square Sunglasses

For the high-glare circumstances of a ski slope, polarized, snug-fitting sunglasses are important, and you’ll want glasses that are lighter (look for polycarbonate lenses) and scratch- and impact-resistant.

With its Holbrook eyewear, Oakley, a pioneer in sports sunglasses, meets the criteria: the brand’s PRIZM lens technology enhances your eyesight in glare circumstances, traversing the backcountry and off-piste regions simpler.

They aren’t adjustable though, so if you’re like me and one ear is higher than the other, they can be off-kilter.


  • Good scratch and impact resistance
  • Protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays
  • Available in a variety of lens colors


  • Slightly loose, cramped, or wobbly on some heads
  • Can be expensive

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4. Best for Golf: Oakley Men’s Flak Sunglasses

4. Best for Golf: Oakley Men's Flak Sunglasses

The Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Polarized Sunglasses are the best golf sunglasses, offering superb eye protection.

The design is made to be robust, compact, and three-point fit, while the PRIZM scratch-resistant glasses are made to contrast in H.D. for good views on the course, enabling you to detect fairway and rough borders and judging distance with enhanced eyesight.

Furthermore, grips keep the eyeglasses in place, even when swinging on a hot day. Try the Dark Golf version of these PRIZMs if you’re playing in bright, sunny weather.

The golf version of Oakley’s Flak 2.0 XL Prizm provides players with an excellent amount of contrast and color management, allowing them to more easily track a golf ball in the air at great distances.

Thanks to its lightweight, flexible, but robust frames, the Flak 2.0 XL is a fantastic alternative for a golf-specific set of lenses.


  • Lightweight
  • High-quality lenses
  • Good lens width


  • Not flattering on every face shape
  • Expensive

5. Best Polarized: Oakley Men’s Turbine Polarized Sunglasses

Oakley Men's Turbine Polarized Sunglasses

The Turbine Polarized travel Sunglasses from Oakley are recognized for their high-quality lenses and innovative performance technologies. The lenses of such sunglasses are made of Plutonite, which blocks 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

Even better, they shield you from blue light emitted by electronic gadgets. These travel sunglasses offer a three-point fit that only touches your nose and for maximum comfort. The sunglasses are additionally cushioned in certain regions, so they don’t slide around when you sweat.

They may also be worn during vigorous sports and time spent relaxing in the sun since they have a streamlined design.


  • Impact-resistant lenses
  • Adjustable nose cushions that won’t pull hair


  • Limited color choices
  • Expensive

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6. Best tight design: Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Duduma’s polarized sports sunglasses will keep you safe from hiking to skiing paths. The 100% polarized coating protects your eyes from UV radiation while reducing glare.

The travel sunglasses are made of polycarbonate lenses and framing, which are scratch-resistant and available in hues, ranging from silver frames with black lenses to yellow lenses with black frames.

They’re a solid option for all sorts of outdoorsy types, and at this price, it isn’t such a huge deal if they fall into the stream!


  • Affordability
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • Versatility


  • Not flattering on some face shapes

7. Best for Fishing- HUK Sunglasses

HUK Sunglasses
HUK Sunglasses

Doctors recommend HUK glasses because of the way they safeguard your eyes, wrapping your eyes in a pleasantly padded halo, offering full coverage.

Dust, dirt, pollen, and wind are kept out, meaning your eyes will not get tired during trekking or skiing.

The best thing about the Huk spear point sunglasses is how comfortable and light they are. With an all-polarized, affordable offering, the Huk sunglasses basic Collection brings all fishermen together. This basic eyewear collection includes a variety of styles and high-quality polarised, 100% UV-protected polycarbonate lenses to fulfill fishing needs. The best part is that most models are available in both polarized and prescription versions. The polarized lenses eyewear has good performance and coverage.


  • Shatter-resistant lenses
  • No dust, grit, or wind gets into the eye


  • It doesn’t suit those with broader features
  • Comes without a case
  • Not exactly perfect for all occasions

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8. Best for Running: Torege Men’s Clock Stoppers

Torege Men's Clock Stoppers

These Torege Clock Stoppers are some of the most pleasant running glasses on the marketplace, and they’re also some of the most affordable.

The lenses are shatterproof and are composed of lightweight Grilamid TR90. These come with three replaceable lenses to adjust your eyesight for various light situations while running.

The inside cushioning grips your temples and nose for a firm fit as you sweat. Best of all, Torege’s frames come with a lifetime guarantee against breaking.


  • Versatile and stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Non-slip
  • Affordable


  • Not all lenses are polarized
  • Switching lenses may be difficult

9. Best for Men and Women- GREY JACK Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

GREY JACK Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

Thousands of customers trust GREY JACK aviator sunglasses for men because they are effective sun-blockers and they are always on-trend. The lightweight and fashionable design will make you seem extremely stunning and stand out from the crowd on any occasion!

The glare from heat-hazed roadways, bodies of water, and other horizontal surfaces are reduced by wearing polarised sunglasses. The true color is restored, reflected and scattered light is eliminated, and the eyes are properly protected.

Polarized sunglasses reduce glare and provide more comfort for your eyes, allowing you to see more clearly.

These classic sunnies have an ultra-lightweight metal alloy frame with solid legs that are tough and durable. It has antioxidant plating, anti-allergy, and skin-friendly testing and is skin-friendly. It also has adjustable silicon nose cushions for maximum comfort. Provide two sizes to accommodate people’s various demands.


  • Great UV protection
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Durable and lightweight


  • It may be too loose for little faces

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10. Best for Women: Le Specs Women’s Unreal Sunglasses

Le Specs Women's Unreal Sunglasses

The sunglasses from Le Specs are not only affordable, but they’re also exceptionally well crafted and robust, so you’ll get more than one summer out of them.

The Unreal sunglasses offer a new spin on the typical 1990s design with a larger profile and gold hardware on the oversized frames, ideal for spending time by the pool on your next trip.


  • Stylish
  • A warranty period of 6 months


  • They don’t work well on broader faces
  • They don’t provide as much coverage
  • Poor choice for things like water sports, hiking, or biking

11. Best prescription-Ray-Ban Rb2132 New Wayfarer Square Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Rb2132 New Wayfarer Square Sunglasses

The Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer sunglasses combine the distinctive design of the Traditional Wayfarer with a little smaller body and a gentler eye shape, making them ideal for both men and women.

These non-polarized eyeglasses are suitable for both men and women. These unisex non-polarized sunglasses, like other Ray-Ban sunglasses, are crafted of high-quality components. The RB2132 unisex Wayfarer glasses are made of sturdy nylon, making them lighter and resistant to wear and tear. G-15 lenses, which are prescription suitable and constructed of glass, are used in the Wayfarer shades.

Ray-Ban offers a wide range of frame colors and lens treatments, such as crystal green, brown, and gradation styles. All Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Classic sunglasses are made to be comfortable to wear while providing excellent visibility and safety.

The sunglasses come in a wide range of sizes to offer a relaxed but consistent quality. These UV-coated glass lenses shield your eyes from ultra-violet radiation and provide 100 percent UV protection. When worn, Ray-Ban glasses have precision-cut lenses that alleviate eye strain.

On cloudy and hazy days, when the sun is brilliant, and during sunrise and sunset, Ray-Ban unisex sunglasses are comfortable and effective.


  • Bold
  • Provides excellent clarity 


  • Arms bend easily 
  • No nose bars mean they can slip

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12. Best Splurge-PersolPo3048s Rectangular Sunglasses

PersolPo3048s Rectangular Sunglasses

Italians are known for producing high-quality luxury fashion items, and Persols are hard to match if you’re searching for a pair of glasses that will suit you for a lifetime.

This model, which has remained a classic since the 1980s, has stood the test of time thanks to its classic elegance, high-quality lenses, and the world’s first patented method for preventing temple squeezing.

Other types have modern and traditional designs, with partnerships with smart labels such as A.P.C., keeping things interesting. Better still, for an additional $10, you can add a monogram.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Stylish design
  • Customizable


  • Color possibilities are limited
  • The nose pads aren’t movable

13. Best Design-Vincent Chase By Lenskart

Vincent Chase By Lenskart

The Vincent Chase line includes some of the most fashionable sunglasses. It comes in various colors and forms, ensuring that your flair is always on display.

Brown Full Rim Round sunglasses are manufactured of polycarbonate, a type of plastic thinner and lighter than regular plastic, making them suitable for both men and women. Round sunglasses are classic and generally have an academic feel about them.

This retro-cool frame style is available in various colors for men and women at Lenskart. They have a scratch-resistant covering, block 100% of dangerous UV rays up to 400 nm, and are extremely light and impact resistant.

They have super lightweight frames, but they’re pretty tough. You can stuff them into luggage and purses and even sit on them without damaging them.


  • A fashionable, modern take on a classic look
  • Lightweight
  • Safe even for sensitive skin


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14. Best for Travel: REKS Round Sunglasses

REKS Round Sunglasses

These Reks sunglasses do not fold, but they are almost indestructible. For sharp contrast, choose the memory-flex polycarbonate polarized version.

These sunglasses come with various coatings, including multi-layer mirrors, hydrophobic, scratch-resistant, and anti-reflective. They also provide 100% UV 400 protection. This pair will survive for years, whether you put them in a case, a purse, or even sit on them.


  • Scratch-resistant
  • Long-lasting


Buying Guide: What To Look For With Travel Sunglasses 

Here are our top travel tips when it comes to purchasing super sunnies;


If you’re searching for a set of bicycle sunglasses, they won’t be the same as the sunnies you’d wear out to lunch. Sports glasses are designed to wrap over your head more securely, but their style might be too much for regular usage. Choose wisely, and don’t be scared to purchase two pairs. Each one will endure a long time if handled with care.


There’s a good pair for everybody, either you want to go athletic or more fashion-forward and classic style. Look through your get-up to see what goes with your style. You can also style light clothes and the best sunglasses for the beach.


Sunglasses are available at almost every range of affordable prices so that you may spend as many or as little. Choose a pair that is both useful and attractive to you so that putting them becomes a (fun) habit. Of course, if you’re prone to losing them, investing a lot of money may not be the greatest option.


You would have two choices when it’s to sunglasses design. Spend less ahead and get a great product that would last, or pay extra ahead and get good quality that lasts. The disadvantage of the first choice is that you will wind up spending more and being dissatisfied with your purchase.

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When it comes to travel sunglasses, safety is key. Who wants to put on uncomfortable spectacles? There are some key things to keep an eye out for. The first factor to consider is the weight; the smaller the mass, the comfier they will be.

Generally speaking, the bigger the sunglass design, the heavier it is. They’ll slide and make you feel uncomfortable if they’re overly heavy. It’s inconvenient to continually push your glasses back during the day. The elasticity, lightness, and convenience of your sunglasses are all influenced by the materials and designs of the frames.

U.V. Shielding

Too many UV rays have been proved to harm your eyes. If you’re searching for a new pair of travel sunglasses, UV rays = protection is required. Look for eyeglasses that defend you from 99 to 100 percent of UVA and harmful UV rays. This includes UV 400 filters, which prevent all UV rays with wavelengths of up to 400 nanometers. (This includes both UVA and UVB rays).

Other features to look for include:

  • Sunglasses that block 75 to 90% of visible light;
  • Lenses that are exactly matched in color and devoid of distortions and defects
  • Gray lenses for appropriate color recognition.

Extensive coverage

When purchasing a pair of the best sunglasses for travel, most individuals overlook the importance of coverage. However, it is something you should think about and is significant. The lens will provide additional security to your eyes if it covers a larger eye region. The skin around your eyes is very sensitive and easily damaged.

The bigger lenses will shield your eyes from damaging U.V. radiation coming in from the sides. This will assist in preventing wrinkles by reducing the amount of time you squint and frown. Wraparound sunglasses are another option since they effectively filter light from the sides.


Polarized sunglasses may help protect your eyesight. A unique chemical coating on polarized glasses helps to remove or decrease glare. The sun’s light reflects off water or a solid surface, causing glare.

Polarized glasses help you see items clearly by filtering light from various angles. This will shield your eyes while also preventing you from blinking. You’ll prevent inflammation and redness in your eyes and eye damage.

Coatings for Sunglass Lenses

The more costly the eyeglasses, the more levels of coverings they are likely to have. Humid environments or high-energy events may include a hydrophobic layer to resist moisture, and an anti-scratch layer to increase longevity, and an anti-fog covering.

A reflecting layer placed on the exterior surfaces of certain sunglass lenses is known as mirrored or flash coatings. They eliminate glare by reflecting a large portion of the light that strikes the glass. Fact that mirror coverings make items look darker, lighter colors are often utilized.

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What kind of sunglasses will look best on your face?

The easiest method to know whether a pair of sunglasses will fit your facial structure is to try it on in person, and most companies provide free return delivery with try-on periods. However, there are certain instructions to follow while evaluating the best sunglasses. Aviator or square-shaped sunglasses complement round features beautifully. On the other hand, rectangular and oblong-shaped faces benefit from circular sunglasses. Those with heart-shaped faces should avoid oversized styles. People with oval faces are lucky since most sunglasses’ designs will look well on them.

Also, remember to examine the form of your nose. For best fit, It is suggested that sunglasses with movable nose cushions. Check whether the manufacturer provides a frame variant with an enlarged nose bridge area, generally referred to as ‘other fit,’ if you have your sights set on a plastic frame without movable nose pads.

How should you clean your sunglasses?

Some eyeglasses have a napkin for wiping the lens clean. Other remains on the arms are normally wiped away with the same cloth or a moist paper towel. Before washing the glasses for the first time, consult the recommended guidelines.

What are some of the advantages of using polarized sunglasses?

Polarized lenses may be good for persons regularly out in settings where there is a lot of sunlight. Many doctors certainly advocate polarized sunglasses for practically any function. When you examine polarized and non-polarized glasses side by side, you’ll notice a significant difference in glare reduction. Your eyesight will seem sharper and more contrasted, and colors will appear more bright.

Those seeking the best-polarized sunglasses should think about the weather they’ll be in. “The darkest color available is polarized grey lenses. Polarized brown glasses are preferable when driving in mixed illumination (e.g., shadows and bright lights on the road simultaneously). Green polarized lenses (also known as G15 lenses) are less dark than grey lenses. The eyeglasses have special features for most face shapes, have a classic form, and come in several colors.

Sunglasses should be a standard accessory to shield your eyes, particularly in summer. However, if you’re taking your sunglasses on vacation, be sure they’re up to the mark. The ideal sunglasses for travel offer unique characteristics that keep you safe and comfortable. Lenses that are polarized, anti-scratch, UV-protected, low weight, reasonable price, and significant toughness are required.

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