18 Best Lakes in Germany

What are the best lakes in Germany to visit? Are they even worth your time?  Well, just one visit to these amazing lakes tells more than we could ever explain here. Choose just one or two of these lakes and enjoy some of the most stunning landscapes in the world.

Germany is known for its medieval towns and rich history, as well as ski resorts, icy alpine sports, and world-class galleries and museums. But that’s not all! It also has some of the most beautiful lakes. 

So, if you’re burned out and want to escape the bustle of the city and recharge, the lakes offer the perfect getaway. If you’re a nature lover or want to experience something new, you’ll certainly enjoy the beautiful hiking trails and boat tours that most of these lakes have on offer.

The best lakes in Germany are a must-visit if you’re looking for a boat trip, mental break, and sightseeing. Even better, you can visit the lakes during any season, and the stunning views never disappoint. 

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Top Lakes In Germany

1. Lake Müritz

Lake Muritz nature

Müritz is the second largest lake in the Mecklenburg Lake District and it’s a simply gorgeous lake. Interestingly, the lake’s surrounding terrain is entirely flat – quite different from the Bavarian Alps. 

Müritz is more than just a lake, as it’s part of the breathtaking Müritz National Park. This impressive stretch of eco-diverse park, forest, and swamp, is a paradise for nature lovers.

The plants and animals in the park are protected, but the park offers you a unique experience. You can explore the park by cycle trails or by hiking. And, the best part is that you can watch rare birds such as the white-tailed eagles, cranes, fish hawks, and little stints.

You’ll be spoilt for choice in Müritz because there are many activities for you to do. Boat tours on the calm lake, swimming, or hiking on the shores of the lake. It sounds like lots of fun, right?

But there’s more! You’ve got to visit the Heinrich Schliemann Museum if you love archeology. Here you can learn about the area’s history and explore ancient artifacts found locally.

As for accommodation, Müritzpalais offers an excellent place for a luxury stay. On the other hand, if you want somewhere classy but with a budget, Müritzhöh is a great option.

2. Lake Königssee

Lake Konigssee, best lakes in Germany

Königssee is in the Berchtesgaden National Park and is one of Bavaria’s alpine lakes. Apart from being one of the best lakes in Germany, Königssee is the third deepest lake. You’ll be amazed by the distinct, clear water surrounded by towering mountains.

The fascinating fact about the alpine lake is that only electric boats are allowed to ride in the waters. A natural beauty, the lake Königssee offers a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains that will leave you speechless.

The lake gives you a complete experience, from hiking in the mountains to boat rides. What’s more, you have the option of exploring the iconic Sankt Bartholomä church from the 1600s and Pier Salet Alm on the upper side of Königssee.

Check out Hotel Schiffmeister or Alm- & Wellnesshotel Alpenhof for a place to stay while here.

3. Lake Constance

Lake Constance

Lake Constance, also known as Bodensee and is arguably the most attractive lake in the country. This is because the lake lies between three countries Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, in a truly stunning corner of the Alps. It’s also the largest lake in Germany (and Austria, and Switzerland) and a favorite destination for tourists who throng the lake in spring and autumn.

There are many attractions that you can explore around Bodensee. Most notably, there are a variety of boat tours available at the lake. If you’re visiting the lake around July or August, you shouldn’t miss a visit to Bregenz, a town in Austria that hosts a thrilling water festival. 

Lake Constance has three islands, and the flower island ticks all the boxes as an exotic destination. In addition to a good climate, the island has unique flowers, a great chapel, a butterfly house, and a zoo. You’ll enjoy hiking, mountain excursions, and lake cruises when you visit the islands. 

Besides exploring the lake, you should visit the town of Constance, which has quite a rich history. The city is the number one choice for evening strolls, shopping, hearty meals, and stunning attractions. 

Try out Strand Hotel Amelia or Pension Grübel hotel for the best accommodation.

4. Lake Starnberg

Lake Starnberg, Germany

Lake Starnberg is the country’s second-largest lake and is just 30 minutes away from the busy, charming city of Munich. The dazzling blue water surrounded by the gigantic mountains with the boats bouncing on the horizon is a sight to behold. To take full advantage of the lake, take a boat cruise and make stops at Instagram-worthy towns such as Possenhofen, Berg, Bernried, and Tutzing.

Lake Starnberg has a rich history and is a famous leisure spot for the locals. King Ludwig II of Bavaria, loved taking boat tours across the lake to meet his cousin, the Empress of Austria, at Schloss Possenhofen.

It’s at Schloss Berg, where King Ludwig and his secretary drowned in strange circumstances in 1886. A chapel and a cross mark the spot.

For Luxury or budget-friendly stay, checkout Schloss Mörlbach, or Seehotel Leoni hotels.

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5. Lake Eibsee

Eibsee lake Bavaria

Eibsee is located in the rocky Zugspitze region and is the Bavarian Alps’ hidden treasure. The lake has a  mesmerizing view because of the sparkling emerald green water that reflects the rugged landscape. The lake offers the best background if you’re looking for a striking backdrop for your photos.

The lake boasts eight islands. You can explore it by boat or walking along the hiking trails as you soak in the blend of the pine forest, tall mountains, and bare rocks. That’s not all; the lake turns into an enchanting ice land during winter, and you’ll love gliding on it as you skate. 

For the best accommodation, check out Eibsee Hotel or Hotel Quellenhof.

6. Swan Lake

Swan Lake, Germany

Swan Lake, known as the Schwansee (Swan Sea), is a small lake near Alpsee. The Swan Lake has spectacular views of crystal clear water and the stunning Bavarian alps. The lake is near Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein, and you can take a leisure walk to explore the castles.

Lake Schwansee is among the best lakes in Germany because it has less traffic and is very peaceful. The landscape and reflection of the lake offer fantastic photo opportunities.

There are different activities for you to do at the lake. Take a dip in the ice-cold water or sit and watch the swans. The lake rents out paddle boats and takes in the scenery as you ride. 

Swan Lake has one of the longest hiking trails in the area, and you’ll be walking on trails laid down almost two centuries ago.  

Check out Schlossgut Gross Schwansee hotel for the best accommodation.

7. Alpsee

Alpsee Lake Bavaria

Despite the size of Alpsee, You’ll instantly fall head over heels for it. Just picture a lake with storybook castles. It brings to mind a fairytale, right? The Alpsee rests on the Romantic Road, a magical, ancient cultural and historic driving route in Germany. 

The Alpsee is close to Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein castles, making it a popular tourist site. The lake is the most picturesque because of the dense highlands, dark forests, and majestic cliffs. 

With the many hiking trails and lots of water sports such as surfing, fishing, and sailing, you’ve plenty of choices. Alpsee has green grassy meadows surrounding it where you can sit and enjoy a picnic. 

Best hotels here include Ferienwohnung Am Winkelbach and Rothenfels Hotel & Panorama Restaurant.

8. Titisee

Titisee Lake Black Forest

Titisee is a relatively small lake with rolling hills and dense woods in the Black Forest. And, Neustadt is a small mystical spa town that lies on the shores of the lake. You’ll find a variety of wellness spas and resorts in Neustadt.

Hilarious name aside, Lake Titisee is the top destination for relaxing and unwinding in the middle of a panoramic mountain range. The lake has white waterfalls and is arguably the cleanest lake in Germany, perfect for windsurfing, sailing, and swimming.

Best hotels here include Hotel Neustädter Hof and Rosen Garten Haus.

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9. Wannsee

Wannsee Lake Berlin

Wannsee is one of the intriguing lakes in Germany and a favorite of Berliners.

The Havel feeds the lake as it passes through Berlin. In fact, Wannsee is two lakes linked by the bridge of spies. The exchange of captured spies took place at the western rim during the Cold War.

You won’t miss seeing different boats during summers, such as sailboats, ferries, and dinghies brimming the lake on a sunny day. And did you know that Wannsee has one of the most extensive inland beaches in Europe?

Strandbad Wannsee is the lake’s famous inland beach with imported sand from the Baltic sea. The beach even has a private section for those who love to sunbathe naked (it’s pretty popular in Germany – DON’T STARE! It’s very rude).

Wannsee is also near Peacock Island, which has an idyllic castle with gardens and parks. The island is a sought-after destination where locals and tourists freely wander with peacocks. In addition, Wannsee has historic buildings, but the arguably most pleasurable part of the trip is to sit in one of the city’s beer halls and enjoy some Berlin wheat beer.

Best hotels near here include Hotel Forsthaus and Hotel Bonverde (Wannsee-Hof).

10. Walchensee

Walchensee Lake, Bavaria Nature

Walchensee is one of Germany’s best-hidden gems when it comes to stunning natural scenery, and it’s among the deepest and largest alpine lakes. The lake has calm deep blue waters surrounded by woody mountains and the teeny-tiny Sassau island in the middle. 

Lake Walchensee is perfect if you love sailing, swimming, and windsurfing. Scuba diving is also the best way for you to explore shipwrecks in the lake. You also can take the gondola boat, which will take you to the Herzogstand for an adrenaline-filled hiking experience.

If you want to have a taste of the countryside, enjoy hearty meals at local restaurants, and appreciate classic German architecture, Walchensee is your best option. 

Best places to stay here include Seehof Apartments or Ferienwohnung am Walchensee.

11. Mummelsee

Mummelsee Lake; best lakes in Germany

The Mummelsee is a treasure of the Black Forest shrouded in the mystery of water spirits and the king living in the lake.


Tall tale or not, the myths have increased the lake’s attraction among tourists. Dense green foliage encloses this lake, where you can hike, cycle, or just enjoy nature.

You can rent a paddleboat and explore the lake to glimpse the best views. But if you want a relaxed way to pass some time, have a beer on the terrace or a cup of coffee at the tables bordering the lake. 

Mummmelsee is a vibrant oasis in the middle of the Black Forest and is an ideal getaway because of its beauty and serenity.

Nice places to stay while here include Berghotel Mummelsee and Bäuerlehof.

12. Maschsee

Lake Maschsee

Maschsee is an attractive artificial lake built in the south of Hanover. People love the recreational activities and the water sports such as sailing and rowing that the lake offers. If you like jogging, there are many trails around the lake.

Skaters come out in full swing during winter because the lake freezes, and it is safe to skate on the thick ice. You’ll also get to watch Hockey matches. The lake has a festival (the Machsee festival) that lasts the whole week, and you get to enjoy great live music and fireworks!

The icing on the cake is the Harrenhausen castle which makes Maschee worth visiting because of the renaissance architecture. 

Best hotels here include Leonhardts Haus & Hof and Hotel Landhaus Ammann.

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13. Tegernsee

Tegernsee Lake, Bavaria Alps

Tegernsee is a deep blue picture-perfect lake in the Bavarian Alps. The lake has the most attractive resorts in Germany and has superb cycling,  hiking, and water sports opportunities. Paragliders also love the slopes of the mountains, and you won’t miss seeing bright domes gliding in the sky.

The lake has good health and wellness spots and offers a variety of fun activities for kids making it the ideal family holiday destination. Also, take a tour of the Benedictine monastery and sample the brewery.

Over the years, the lake has become a favorite spot for the wealthy and influential people making Tegernsee a luxurious destination. Thus be ready to splurge for an unforgettable experience.

Best places for accommodation near the lake include Das Tegernsee or Hotel Maier zum Kirschner.

14. Ammersee

Ammersee Lake

Ammersee is the ideal holiday destination if you’re looking for an active break. The lake is serene with azure blue waters, attractive boathouses and cliffs, and a picture-postcard spot for camping, hiking, and water sports.

The lake offers beautiful views regardless of the season. From the bright summers to red and yellow hues in autumn to an icy lake surrounded by snow and covered in the mist, the Ammersee is an unusual beauty.

The best hotels here include Hotel Seehof and Ammersee-Hotel.

15. Chiemsee

Chiemsee Lake, Germany

Often named the ‘Bavarian Sea’, Lake Chiemsee is the most romantic lake in Germany. Prien am Chiemsee is a lovely town where the boat trip to the lake’s two islands starts.

Fraueninsel, one of the islands, has plenty of art galleries and a monastery. On the other hand, King Ludwig II’s castle sits on the Herreninsel island.

Chiemsee offers you sailing and water sports in summer and skiing and hiking in the snowy woods in winter.

Check out Hotel Garni Georgenhof (Adults Only) or Hotel zur Sonne for the best accommodation.

16. Obersee

Obersee Lake Bayern

Lake Obersee is one of Germany’s wonders and a powerful tourist magnet of the Berchtesgaden National Park. Obersee has emerald green water amidst the forest and alpine rocks.

The lake is so serene that the water offers a perfect mirror. If you’re a nature lover, you will unite with mother nature and find the calmness and relaxation your soul needs. You get to enjoy the landscape while breathing in the purest air.

Obersee has beautiful hiking trails and excellent restaurants line the lake, and you can grab food or drink. Most tourists opt for the breathtaking boat tour from Königssee to Obersee.

For the best accommodation near lake Obersee, check out Garni Hotel Café Henn or Hotel Seemöwe.

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17. Gothensee

Lake Gothensee

Gothensee offers you soft sand and stunning panoramas of the lake. Touring around the lake gives you aesthetic pleasure, but you can explore the lake by renting and cycling around the lake if you need activities.

The lake also has different kinds of wellness programs and beauty services. Physiotherapy, shiatsu, Bioenergy, and osteopathy are just some of the services offered. While at Gothensee, you can also explore the Usedom island, which is about twenty minutes away, and enjoy the sun.

While here, you can stay either at Pension Lindenhof or Hof Lewin hotels.

18. Hintersee

Hintersee Lake

Hintersee borders the Berchtesgaden National Park, and towering mountains surround the lake. The scenic mountain views and the reflection in the water make the lake attractive to tourists.

The lake receives many visits from photographers and painters who want to capture the inspiring location. 

This lake also has stunning and well-connected hiking trails and is a haven for hikers. You can also engage in paddle boating and boat trips to explore the lake. Not to mention the friendly hotels that dot the lake’s western side.

Best hotels to sleep here include traumHaff Lotsen Romantik mit Kamin and thatched roof – apartment in Ahlbeck.

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