20 Facilities That You Need To Check Prior Booking Hotels In ECR

I have come up with the list of 20 essential amenities that should be available in every ECR hotels.

Free Parking

The folks from the city side most often visit ECR in Chennai as a weekend retreat. They will mostly reach the hotels in ECR via car and bikes. The guests prefer a vast safe and secure parking space where they can park their vehicles.

Most of the hotels offer free parking space whereas some charge for the parking facility. Guests generally prefer booking hotels that provide free parking space.

Free Wi-Fi

If you are staying at a resort near ECR, they should offer an internet connection to all their guests. Most of the hotels in ECR, Chennai are providing Free Wi-fi to all their guests. This is because the guests prefer a home-like atmosphere with good internet connectivity.

If it is a business hotel, it is mandatory to provide best internet connection. In today’s scenario, Wi-Fi has become important as the air we breathe. It has become one of the essential factors for booking any hotels in ECR.


Most of the people want to pack lightly while they are on a travel. So they expect few things to be readily available in their rooms like towels. It should be replaced daily for hygienic reasons. Folks despise towels that are not clean and old. There should be 2 towels in every hotel room that are super soft.

The towels kept in the rooms should be made of cotton fibers as some people may have an allergy to polyester. Nowadays, towels are considered to be a top priority amenity in every hotel whether it may be a cheap resort or luxurious one. A hotel is not considered as a hotel without towels.

House Keeping

The housekeeping service in the ECR hotels must be done at least once in a day. The housekeeping includes cleaning rooms, replacing towels and linens. The guests prefer rooms that are clean and neat. Untidy room results in negative feedback from the guest which is not good for them.

Complimentary Breakfast

We all know that dining at the in-house restaurant sometimes can be pricey. Most of the guests want something that is complimentary like a breakfast or a welcome drink. In recent times, most of the hotels in ECR Road, Chennai offers Complimentary Breakfast with rooms.

This is because the guests don’t want to go out early for breakfast. They mostly prefer a simple breakfast that they can have in their room itself. Free breakfast concept is not only for luxury resorts but also for budget stays as well.

Good Showers

Nothing is soothing than a good hot shower. All the guests prefer 24*7 hot and cold water supplies in their rooms. A good shower rejuvenates our body after a long tiring day. It is mandatory that every hotel near ECR must offer continuous water supply to all their guests.

Complimentary Toiletries

Carrying the basic hygiene kit all the time is not possible. We tend to forget it in some cases. So, all the guests expect the hotels or resorts to offer a compact toiletries kit that holds a simple hygiene kit.

Providing a complimentary kit will definitely please the guests. Instead of giving many small samples of shampoo, soap or conditioner, the resorts can offer regular size ones that have more practical usage.


In today’s scenario, there is no such person who doesn’t love watching TV. A cozy evening time is not complete without watching your favorite shows. TV is considered as an important facility in every hotel in OMR Road.

If you travel staying with your friends for a weekend and there is an important match that today would you miss it? Definitely No!


Most of the 3-star hotels near OMR Road, Chennai are facilitated with a mini fridge where the guests can store water, beverages, and perishables. Even though the fridge is considered as a luxury feature, it is very much essential in the current scenario.

We cannot go out every time to dine outside or we may not like the food offered in the in-house eatery. In such cases, we can store eatables like bread, trail mix or juices which we can have a light dinner.

Early Check-In

The hotels in ECR mostly have a specific fixed check-in and checkout timings. In a practical scenario, we cannot arrive at the resort at the exact check-in time. Sometimes, we may reach early. In such cases, we prefer to check-in earlier.

Keeping this in mind, some of the hotels near ECR Road have started to allow early check-ins. They don’t charge anything extra for earlier check-ins.

Complimentary Bottled Water

Apart from Wi-Fi, Parking, and Restaurant, Water bottles are the next essential thing on this list. It is considered as an important amenity in all hotels in ECR vicinity.
Free Bottled water must be kept in every room in the ECR hotels. Keeping water bottles is a part of guest hospitality which is preferred by everyone staying in any 3-star hotels in ECR.

Swimming Pool

If you are staying with your family, your kids will definitely enjoy playing in the swimming pool. The hotel that has a swimming pool will definitely attract a large crowd. Some of the 5-star hotels in ECR Road have swimming pools on the top floor which is quite scenic.

Whether it may be a luxury hotel or a cheap hotel, folks prefer hotels or resorts that have the swimming pool. It is an important criterion to be considered if you stay at any ECR hotels.

On-site Restaurant

Planning a weekend retreat? Check whether the hotels or resorts that you are choosing have an onsite restaurant. Majority of the hotels offers complimentary breakfast with rooms. It is wise to choose a hotel in ECR that has an in-house restaurant.

The restaurant should serve different cuisines ranging from local to international cuisines. Are you staying with your family, book a hotel that serves the best food at best price.


Being a weekend getaway destination, most of the resorts and hotels in ECR have a Bar. People booking accommodations near OMR, Chennai for a team get together prefer hotels that have a bar to spend a quality time with their friends. The bar should hold liquors of different varieties that satisfies all your requisites.


Nothing relaxes a tired body than a rejuvenating spa treatment. Business folks and couples who stay in hotels in ECR prefer Spa as a part of their package. The Spa Service is charged separately according to the service you use.

Most of the 3-star hotels in OMR Road have Spa in their itinerary as one of the special amenities other than bar and kitchenette.


Everyone requires fresh clothes to wear on a daily basis. Offering a laundry bag in the resort room will definitely make the guest’s stay comfier and relaxed. Sometimes, the hotels in ECR have laundry service where they will wash the guest’s clothes.

The laundry services are generally extra charged service which the guest can opt if required. Most of the luxury hotels in ECR have this facility.


No hotel is complete without a lift. Would you prefer lift or climbing stairs to reach your room on the 5th floor? Obviously, you will prefer utilizing lift. They are considered as a modern day comfort as most of the people prefer it rather than walking.

Staying with your family in a hotel? Make sure the hotel you are staying has a lift because you may stay with your parents who have trouble walking up the stairs. Keep this in mind before making your room reservation.


Modern-day hotels mostly have a kitchenette where the guests can make their own coffee or grill a sandwich. If you feel bored to go out to dinner, you can make a simple salad in your room and eat it.


There is no such person who does not like AC in their rooms. Sleeping with your blanket on in a cozy room is a heavenly feel. Make sure your room has an AC that you can use on a hot summer day or even a rainy day if you like the chill climate. AC comes with the list of top amenities that every guest prefers.

Hair Dryer

Do you prefer wet hair or a silky soft dry hair after your bath? Definitely the second one. Whether it may be a budget hotel or a luxury resort, you will obviously like it when you have a hair dryer to use. It is not practical to carry a blower while you are on a vacation. In such cases, the hotels in ECR that offers hair dryer will be definitely liked by all.

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