Amsterdam Hotels – Hotels That Surpass Your Expectations!

Amsterdam hotels are mostly situated in the best locations and the tourists have rave reviews about these hotels. The traditional and eclectic decorative styles of the luxury suites make the stay an excellent experience every minute!

Content: Most of the hotels in Amsterdam are situated in the heart of the city and therefore, are very convenient for the tourists. There are of course both luxury five star hotels which have the elite class as their guests. Similarly, there are budget hotels catering to the needs and the pockets of the ordinary tourists.

Majority of the hotels are beautiful examples bearing the long traditional touch of Dutch architecture and have a unique charming style. Some of the most outstanding ones that capture the attention of the tourists are firstly, the Swissotel Hotel that is a hub of both the business executives and the pleasure seeking tourists.

Located at the best location of the city, at Dam square it offers luxurious suites with soundproof windows, an in-house fitness centre, and a restaurant that serves international dishes. In short, it is a tranquil heaven!

The Hilton proudly bears the five stars and has amenities and comforts that are truly overwhelming. From the spectacular views to the modern amenities like sauna, wireless Internet access, excellent service of the discreet staff, etc the stay in this hotel is a true contemporary ambiance mixed with modern luxury.

The Okura Hotel has many attractions and recreational amenities which make the stay in this luxury five star hotel a memorable experience. For a fitness freak, this is the ultimate luxury as they have an indoor pool, a fitness gym, a spa tub, and a steam room to boot! The cheerful and extremely helpful staff bent over backwards to help the guests enjoy their stay in this luxury palace.

NH Barbizon Palace is a hotel that will blow your mind away with its great service and luxurious facilities. They are room are very spacious compared to many hotels in Amsterdam, they are equipped with telephone that you can use to call home and office, cable television to entertain you, safety boxes for storing your valuables like cash, jewelery and passport. The hotel has a spa where you can exercise and still stay fit even when away from home. Children under the age of 12 years stay for free and this is an advantage in case you are travelling with your kids.

The other luxury hotels that make this wonderful city proud are Crowne Plaza city centre, Dikker and Thijs Fenice Hotel, Renaissance Hotel, Marriott Hotel, etc. Any tourist really will be spoilt for choice as these fantastic hotels in awesome locations make tourists come to Amsterdam just for the hotels!

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