Best Winter Destinations for 2021

10 Best Winter Vacations Ideas 2021 - Fun Cold Winter Getaways

2020 was a nightmare for travel because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The great news is that the world is opening again, and travel is back on the cards.

Lockdowns, travel bans, masks, and sanitizer were the major focus of 2020. We saw many countries enforcing restrictions on foreigners entering. As we approach the last quarter of 2021, most travel restrictions have been lifted, just in time for the Winter Holidays.

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The top 5 winter destinations for 2021

All packed up with nowhere to go? We have compiled a list of the top 5 winter destinations to jet off to this year.

#1: New York City

The Big Apple. NYC has a fantastic Christmas vibe that you will find nowhere else in America. From the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center to ice-skating in the famous Central Park, New York is the place to be this December. Experience decadent dining and savvy shopping destinations and load up your luggage with Christmas gifts from New York this year. 

#2: Costa Rica

This sunny paradise features waterfalls, amazing beaches, and exotic rainforests to explore and enjoy. For the more adventurous folk, go horseback riding, zip-lining, and hiking in Costa Rica. Escape the cold and enjoy the beautiful country of Costa Rica where one-quarter of its lands are environmentally protected.

#3: Seville, Spain

Seville is the ultimate destination if you love architecture and amazing culture. Home to bull-fighting, Flamenco dancing and long, lazy afternoon siestas, Seville should be top of your list this Winter. It is the sightseeing hub of Spain and is worth a visit to experience the beautiful and rich culture of the city.

#4: Prague

Prague is literally a winter wonderland, and there is no better place to spend Christmas than right here. There are daily Christmas markets to explore, caroling, and festive lights to enjoy. Known for its Gothic architecture and history, sip on fine wine while enjoying the sights sounds of Prague this winter.

#5: Miami

Skip the cold and head to South Beach Miami to work on your tan. Miami has a vibrant nightlife that compares to none and has amazing private venues for art and music lovers. Experience fine dining and luxury accommodation in the city popular with its music and art venues.


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