Celebrate your tenth anniversary in a great way

You might want to get ideas for a surprise trip or gift for your lover. Maybe you just want to travel to heavenly places, mind. In any case, see top options and get a closer look to these island destinations that will give you the boos

Island of Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is the fourth largest island of the Hawaiian cluster in the central Pacific Ocean. Hawaii is a whole romantic place, but Kauai is something else. Filled with natural wonders, from the majestic Na Pali coast to the green valleys running through the Waimea Gorge, this garden island, as the locals call it, is an adventurous little paradise.

You can go round the island with a boat, stroll along the mountain paths, kayak on the unique floating river of Hawaii, or spend countless hours in one of the tranquil hamlets that surfers like Hanalei Town frequented. Of course you can just relax with your mate or as the locals, ku’uipo, would like to drink cocktail in an endless, dreamy beach.


A chain of coral islands unfolds on an ancient trade route in the Indian Ocean: these are the Maldives, an ideal destination for those on a honeymoon. Their warm turquoise and blue waters, their deep coral, and their unobstructed visibility throughout the year, give the Maldives diving a mythical air.

But if you are determined to stay on land, the sand is as soft as sugar and gazebo stalls waiting for you on the shore. Discover the local fishing villages and hundreds of uninhabited islands or take a traditional night fishing boating. Absolute isolation – most hotels and rooms can only be reached by boat – gives the Maldives an occult charm.


Designed as a Pacific pearl by James Cook himself, Bora-Bora belongs to the leeward islands of French Polynesia, an overseas French colony in the Pacific. With scenic lagoons and steep volcanic mountain peaks, it has a unique seductive beauty.It is not difficult to take in the clear waters, the luxurious resorts, the villas that are above the sea and the cinematic image created by the subtle palm silhouettes as the sun sets.It’s a place of amazing beauty: every motu, every coral island, looks more beautiful than the other, and most restaurants are unique in elegance. If you can “get tired of” the divine beaches, you can see turtles, sharks and other creatures of the marine world at the Langoonarium in Morea or visit some cultivation of black pearls or even a vanilla plantation.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is considered as one of the top exotic destinations and a great place to celebrate your anniversary. You can also spend some days at a great Komodo resort, on Komodo island and feel a little bit adventurous!

Capri, Italy

Deeply romantic, this ancient Roman resort is sown with sleek villas, elegant coffee and sophisticated boutiques.But its natural livelihoods remain forever: you can rent a boat to enter Grotta Azzura, a sea cave in which the emperor Tiberius once took his bath. Its opening is so narrow that the light gets a mysterious sapphire hue.

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is a small island state of the Eastern Caribbean, in the Atlantic Ocean and is the only place in the world where you can navigate through a volcano!This feature combined with the steam baths on the island has monopolized the purchase of a relaxing trip.In every corner of the island, the mud-rich mud, which comes from sulfur springs, is gathered to become the “raw material” for massage and other attentive spa treatments.But, not only are its hot springs and its two famous mountain peaks, Small and Big Pitton, attracting tourists.

The activities you can do there are countless: diving, yachts, horseback riding … Anse Mamin beach with its fine black sand and its adjacent tropical garden is a heavenly base, where you’ll even have the chance to see ruins from 17th-century buildings.

With resorts famous for their excellent service and elegant architecture, a dreamy appointment is inevitable in this corner of the Atlantic.


Santorini is the queen of romantic destinations – about a thousand weddings per year take place on this Cycladic island. Whether you have said yes or you still think about it, take a stop at cosmopolitan Fira to admire the stunning views of the Caldera.