Houseboat Holidays in Kerala

Kerala, also known as God’s Own Country, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Asia. It draws vacationers from all over the world. There are many options to celebrate holidays in God’s Own Country but houseboat holiday in Kerala can be most fascinating and a unique lifetime experience. Houseboats in Kerala are floating holiday homes over the serene water of scenic backwaters. Backwaters here are a wide network of several scenic water bodies like lakes, lagoons, canals, channels, rivers, inlets. The network connects various remarkable tourist places of this charming and captivating state of India. Sometime, this beautiful state of India is addressed as the Venice of India. Interestingly, Venice is where glory is created by men and Kerala is the place where nature rules.

For backwater tourism and backwater lovers, houseboats are excellent and perhaps the most suitable means. Traditionally called Kettuvallams, houseboats in God’s Own Country are huge, slow-moving, striking boats used for leisure trips. In ancient times, kettuvallams were used to carry rice and spices from Kuttanad to the Kochi Port. They were a convenient means of transportation in earlier times. But nowadays, kettuvallams are converted into huge houseboats and used for leisure trips and mesmerizing Kerala vacations. Today, houseboats of the state have been one of the most popular attractions of tourism in God’s Own Country offering tourists and vacationers a wonderful opportunity to backwater tourism which is perfect example of nature and green tourism. You will surely love to enjoy the charm of serene and scenic backwater as it creates spellbinding effect on you.

Houseboats here are about 60 to 70 feet long and about 15 feet wide at the middle. Interestingly, houseboats are made up with echo friendly materials and no any single nail is used. Wooden planks are tied together by ropes of coconut fiber. Bamboo poles and palm leaves are used for making roofs of the houseboats. The exterior of the houseboat is colored with protective coats of oils of cashew nuts. There are three kinds of houseboats available here to celebrate holiday in Kerala, God’s Own Country. They are standard houseboats, deluxe houseboats and luxury houseboats. The interiors are decorated with bamboo mats, coir carpets and have well furnished bed rooms, dining space and well-equipped kitchens. In fact, they are built for give tourists excellent accommodation facilities with modern amenities onboard. You will surely love to stay at houseboats on your tours to Kerala, God’s Own Country.

Gently floating over serene backwaters, houseboat cruise takes you in to the unique world – the world of water and wonderment. You have a marvelous opportunity to see the marvelous beauty of nature by close. You eyes have great feasts watching extraordinary nature beauty. Certainly, houseboat stay will be one of the most deserving options for Kerala Holiday in India. Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kollam, Kuttanad, etc are some of very popular backwater destinations in Kerala from where you can start your houseboat cruise over the serene and scenic waterways. So, don’t wait, come to God’s Own Country and fulfill your desire, dream.

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