Negative Implications of Texting on Relationships

Chatting, texting, and messaging in general are terms used to mean plenty of time spent away from the physical world. These terms are predominantly associated with catching up on social media antics, topical issues and even flirting. When one is already in a relationship, it becomes a tad harder to level the ground and stop texting and talking instead.

On that note, texting is cool when people are working and need to catch up with family and their partners. However, some couples end up in contention when phones are more important than conversations. When flirting began on a site under dating website reviews, it was all fun and games. Now that the relationship is taking off, and a couple is meeting physically, texting can become a bother. Here are a few ways texting can have negative implications in a relationship.

Too much screen time

Some couples spend more time staring at their phones than they do in conversations. When you meet for the first time, there could be shyness between the two of you. Some people take to their phones to avoid the awkwardness but it may become even more awkward. Once the couple is in a relationship, it takes more than coffee and smiles. It means staring at your phone for hours on end is rude.

If a man, or woman, needs to share about their day or would like quality time, it should be with you; not you and the phone. While you stare at the phone, you insinuate that they are not important. It may also make them feel unwanted and perhaps like you are doing them a favor by being there.


People spending too much time on their phones are either uninterested in what is happening around them or are cheating. If you are currently in a relationship and smiling at your phone all the time, what is funnier than being with your loved one? The worst case scenario is if you cannot share the joke, or whatever is making you laugh.

Texting between Couples

Aside from the risks of texting others while in the company of a loved one, texting can ruin your relationship directly. Here are a few things to avoid after meeting lovely ladies on supreme dating websites.

Over Sexting

When you begin flirting or chatting before meeting each other, it seems like fun. Upon meeting for the first time, there might still be plenty of flirting, and even sexting while at the office. Texting too much sexual content becomes a drag, and annoying and can lead to someone blocking you. It is one thing to flirt and tease each other once daily, but persistently sending nudes every few hours gets annoying. Any lady, or gentleman for that matter, will become nauseated at some point.

Long write-ups

Texting is about getting to the point quickly, and hitting the nail on the head. If you constantly write paragraphs in your texts, it becomes tiresome to read. People don’t like reading anymore. It is all about shorthand texting, and a few emoji. Save long paragraphs for emails, and send them as an attachment to be read later. Keep things simple and cute to avoid awkwardness and your relationship is destined to last.

Bottom Line

Texting is about finesse and cuteness. Applying emojis and short sentences in a relationship helps it blossom into something fantastic. The alternative is texting furiously and with enough enthusiasm to send someone packing. Stick to the shyness that was present before the first date, and things will not become awkward.

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