Thinking of Starting an Aircraft Washing and Cleaning Service – Determining Market Mix

If you are considering starting a new business in the aircraft industry, then perhaps you might consider something simple that requires very little capital to get into. Washing aircraft can be a rewarding business and it’s a much higher end business than most types of cleaning service companies. The pay is pretty good too.

Of course, before you start you’ll have to determine your market mix. That is to say what types of customers you’ll have and which type of clients you are going to go after. Having been in the aircraft cleaning business for almost 3-decades, I thought I might help you out on this topic. So, one question you might ask, which is a common question for airplane cleaning companies would be;

“Are most of the Aircraft Customers corporate owners/operators or the owners of the single/multi-engine aircraft I see?”

This pretty much depends on the type of airport, for instance at a large International airport it might be airlines, government aircraft, and corporate, with only a few non-turbine singles. At small general aviation airports, the market mix will be more single and twin privately owned aircraft, some helicopters, flight schools, flying clubs, charter and just a few corporate jets. See that point?

In states like New Jersey for instance, there are many more jets the closer you get to NYC, those airports are packed with corporate. When we get into airport community developments, airparks, it’s mostly all single and twin engine puddle jumpers.

In Sun Shine States like California, Arizona and Florida there are an abundance of single engine private planes and although you cannot charge much to wash them, you can sure make a lot of money in volume. Perhaps these are things you might consider?

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