Why Go To Beaches in Melbourne Once You’re Done with the City

Melbourne and beaches doesn’t seem to rhyme together since if we talk about Melbourne, its well-known for delicious coffee and food, shopping places, sports and arts and festivals. For backpackers and even for some of the locals doesn’t even know that there were more must-visit beaches in Melbourne other than the popular St Kilda and Brighton.

Since Melbourne is one of the busiest and most populous cities in Australia, the city residents are used in such a fast paced environment and sometimes forget to take a deep breath and relax. People do different activities and have go-to places to unwind. But, one thing is for sure – the beach is always a crowd favorite. Nothing can beat the feeling of sand on your toes and the saltwater on your skin on a beautiful sunny day.

If you are in Melbourne here’s some reason why you have to discover some beaches in the city and choose vitamin sea when you want to relieve stress. Here are five reasons why.

Being at the Beach Helps Boost your Mood

Looking at the ocean has a calming effect which helps lower your stress levels. Since one can associate the colour blue with feelings of calm, peace, freedom and order, seeing the blue water can improve your mood.

According to Richard Shuster, being at the beach and staring at the blue waters can change the frequency of our brain waves. This, in return, helps put people into a mild meditative state. Shuster is a PsyD and a clinical psychologist who also hosts The Daily Helping podcast.

Vitamin D can Help with Depression

Vitamin D deficiency can make you feel down and gloomy. As it turns out, if you mostly spend your days indoors or have no time to go out in the sun, you may be lacking Vitamin D. So if you’re feeling down, apply your sunscreen on and head on to the beach for an instant mood booster. Don’t forget to shop for cute Rashie women’s and you’re good to go.

Being Around the Water Helps Give Our Brain and Senses a Break

Every day, we experience overstimulation from our surroundings, the stress we endure and the amount of work we have to finish. According to Wallace J. Nichols, “The simplified sounds and clear visuals give us a cognitive break. Since we need to process a considerably lesser amount of information at the beach, we are offering our brain the time to rest.

“The sound of waves crashing on the shore plus the wonderful view helps trigger our Parasympathetic Nervous System,” says PsyD, Beyond the Couch podcast host and Chrysalis Psychological Services owner, Sally Nazari. “The change in sound, view, and scenery make us feel involved and more relaxed.”

You Get to Stay Active While at the Beach

With so many fun activities to do at the beach, you get to exercise and stay active while having a good time. One can go swimming, kayaking, surfing, and snorkelling which are excellent ways to relax and unwind while putting your muscles to work.

Swimming, in particular, offers lots of health benefits. It helps promote healthy heart and lungs. It helps tone your muscles and build muscle strength. It also helps maintain a healthy weight since it puts almost all of your to work. Swimming is the best exercise because of all the perks one can get from doing this fun activity.

The Beach Does Wonders to Your Skin

Aside from having sand as a natural exfoliator, saltwater has skin benefits. It can help people with some skin issues. Since it has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can clean minor wounds, relieve pain and treat some skin conditions.

The five items listed above are some of the best reasons why we tend to go to the beach when we want to relieve stress and unwind. Since the beach is a lot calmer and is more peaceful than any other places, it’s no wonder why many of us choose to go to this piece of paradise when dealing with stress overload. Which beach in Melbourne is your favourite go-to destination?